About Us

Revolutionary Renewable Process
Transforms Energy Production

SGI's advanced plasma technology uses all biomass including woods, shrubs, grasses and other agricultural products as well as municipal and industrial waste. Biomass as a fuel source offers businesses, industries, utilities and municipalities around the world with an extraordinary opportunity to produce and use renewable energy economically and efficiently, without any CO2 emissions.

SGI's ability to create and use all forms of biomass ensures a sustainable supply of renewable energy. SGI works with several leading investors and partners to establish its projects around the world. Over the course of the last ten years SGI has partnered with global engineering companies that will be instrumental in the overall construction of all of SGI's projects. SGI works with one of the leading insurance companies to provide complete system performance insurance to all of its projects.

Taking its bio-energy concept to the next level, SGI creates its own source of biomass by sequestering CO2 emissions. Working in cooperation with Bio Fuel Systems S.A. in Spain, SGI produces micro-algae from CO2 that is then used for plasma gasification technology. The micro-algae are produced in industrial bio-reactors using artificial light to photosynthesize sequestered carbon dioxide to grow the algae. The algae are then gasified to produce electricity. Through SGI's gasified technology, the result is the production of electricity that is completely emission free.
Currently underway is a major breakthrough effort to convert biomass directly into aviation-grade diesel fuel, without requiring machinery modification of any sort.