SGI as one of the presenting companies at Clean Energy & Technology Marketplace

SGI: SGI as one of the presenting companies at Clean Energy & Technology Marketplace Hosted by the University of Chicago, Chicago Booth School of Business, the event was an interactive business forum where a select group of cleantech entrepreneurs presented their businesses to a jury panel of top investment professionals in front of a live audience. The expert jury panel was made up of the following participants:

  • Shaun Mays, CEO, Climate Change Capital
  • Kamran Bin Sayed Ali Bin Sayed Housain Mirdamad Amir Al Khozan, CEO
  • Duncan Grierson, Founder & CEO, Sterecycle
  • Sonia Lo, Founder & Managing Partner, Chalsys Capital Partners

The presenting companies, along with SGI were:

  • Magdalena Gatzinska, Partner, Bulgarian Windforce
  • Avigail Slavin, Co-Founder, Tower Business Group
  • Kaveh Memari, Co-founder & CEO, Renew and Chris O’Connor, Director of Corporate Development, Renew
  • Tim Peara, COO, Energy Invest Group (EIG)
  • Dr. Robert T. Do, President & CEO SGI

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SGI’s President and CEO, Dr. Robert T. Do, noted SGI’s state of the art gasification technology produces a clean bio-syngas that can be used to replace natural gas and power a standard combined cycle gas turbine for renewable power generation without any pollution, and have a net zero carbon emission footprint because no fossil fuel is used. SGI is committed to the application and development of innovative, environmental and economical solutions, and demonstrates its environmental awareness by participating in events like the Clean Energy & Technology Marketplace.