Dr. Robert T. Do attends Green Investment Bank forum at the House of Commons

Dr. Robert T. Do President and CEO of Solena was invited to participate as one of the attendees at the Green Investment Bank Breakfast forum held at the House of Commons.

The UK is facing a time of considerable economic stress. Restoring growth and re-balancing the economy are urgent priorities. Focusing our recovery effort on low carbon growth can re-power the economy, increase our energy security and help tackle climate change.

Rapidly accelerating investment in low carbon and environmental technologies will also increase the long-term competitiveness of Britain’s businesses in the global market, protect consumers from fossil fuel price shocks and stimulate growth, especially in the regions. But fulfilling this low carbon vision for Britain will require financial as well as technological innovation.

Solena Group is proud to collaborate in this venture and the United Kingdom Government’s commitment to set up a Green Investment Bank.